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tv   ABC7 News  KOFY  January 11, 2013 11:30am-12:00pm PST

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hard working. and kinky. >> i think she's gorgeous. thanks, "baggage," for giving me a beautiful woman. i'm going to have a lot of fun with this one.
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>> breaking news is in oakland where authorities are searching for a prisoner who escaped from highland hospital. this is a live picture over the scene. lots of police are down there right now. the hospital is located on east 31st street. the almeda county sheriff's department is leading the search. some of them standing on the roof right there. we haven't received information about the prisoner who escaped other than the fact that he is dangerous. we have crews on the way to the scene. we'll have more information as
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soon as it becomes available. >> the federal aviation administration announced this morning that it is launching a comprehensive review of the boeing dream drome because of mechanical problems. this is happening at the same time the airport is welcoming the japan airliner floit to tokyo. >> the flight is scheduled to leave at 11:45. the parges were not nervous about the new airplane. they will get comfort and see a famous passenger that is traveling with them and said he feels fully confident in the 787. boeing calls the airplane the dreamliner. it is a dream come true for the city's economy. >> it is the first floit
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behack to tokyo. this is 7 years and wait highway patroling for it and we are delighted that the flight is taking off. >> there is a shadow looming over it. there are questions over the safety of the planes. there was a fire and fuel leak earlier this week. we found a high profile passenger preparing to board this morning and feeling confident in the plane. >> when there is it a introduction to the airplane there is always something. there is nothing major on this one. >> former transportation secretary has full confidence in the federal officials charged with protecting airline travelers . nn thereto tsb operates and moving with the department of the transportation operates, i have -- i dot have the concerns about this plane or the 787 as a whole. >> his fellow passengers don't sound too worried. >> it seems like every airline
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has problems. and this is a new airplane. i am not bothered by it >> instead there was talk of appreciation for the new service to japan. >> it is a convenience. and i go to san francisco, it is crowded and a lot of people, it is it a hassle. >> another passenger chose the flight because it was the best price. boeing is talking about the advances on board and the faa is talking about the investigation, passengers seem interested in getting a deal and convenience. live in san jose, abc 7 news. >> looking closer now, despite the fanfare, the dreamliner is the subject of a federal review announced a few hours ago after several high profile mishaps . the faa will review the design of the wide body jet and
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manufacturing down in the boeing dream drome plant in washington and south carolina. it was launched after a battery caught on fire in boston logan airport earlier this week . despite this, federal officials say the dreamliner is safe to fly. >> we believe, i believe this plane is safe and i would have absolutely no reservation of boarding one of these planes and taking a flight. these planes are safe. >> the dreamliner is boeing's first airplane made entirely out of composit materials. boeing experienced major hicups with the dreamliner campaign includeyy delays that cost the company billions. >> the tanker that crashed in the bay bridge on monday has the go ahead to set sail. the coast guard tarted towing it out less than an hour ago.
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the coast guard has completed safety inspections and finished collecting evidence. you are looking at live pictures of the tankered hading away. the tanker will be repaired before it carries oil again. they are limiting the number of vessels around the bridge when visibility is low. >> marin city first homicide of the year. a 17 year old boy was gunned down in the middle of the night. kara is live in the neighborhood. >> search and rescue crews are finishing up. it is 11 hours since the young man was shot and killed. it is marin city's first homicide of the year. in 2012, there was only one homicide the entire year. neighbors are left wondering why someone so young and new
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to the neighborhood was shot and killed in the night. >> he was asleep at home. and i heard a couple of shots, boom, boom, and it woke me up. >> shortly after midnight 911 calls poured in that a boy was shot. >> deputies attempted cpr and first aid to the victim. medical personnel pronounced the subject deceased. the victim's sister april said her brother was a good kid who turned 17 four gey -- days ago. he moved from his father's home in the northern california town. he didn't know anyone here and being new could have made him a target. >> when you are not out from around here, it is not okay. being a guy you have it worst than the girls. >> neighbors think that the teen was in the wrong place at the wrong time. his family had been attacked
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before. >> last year, people shot in the home and terrified the family, and i had worked with them to try to get them a transfer out of marin city. >> i don't know who shot my brother. i wished i knew who shot my brother. i don't know who shot my brother. >> neighbors said someone must know who the shooter simple there is notine a description of the shooter. anyone with information is urged to contact the marin county sheriff's office. reporting live, abc 7 news. kara, thank you. >> in the central valley area, classes are cancelled in the taft high school after a shooting that left a teen in critical condition. the 16 year old gunman claimed that the victim bullied him. the toacher talked to the shooter to hand over the shot gun while other students
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escape happened the classroom. grief counselors are on campus today and stunes are allowed to get their belongings. npolice on the peninsula is looking for a flasher who is targeting women . the most recent incident happened on portige avenue. the woman who was flashed, said a man in his 20s exposed himself . it is the second incident this week. another woman said she was flashed tuesday night with someone with a similar description. >> sad news to learn. vivian brown, one of san francisco's famous twins died in her sleep. she and marion were iconic figures in the city for four decades, she wasuv sering from althiemers and suffered a fall. she was hospitalized in the california specific city. vivian was born first and
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sister marion eight minutes later. ni have had meetings with bothxd of those ladies. i am so sorry. we have more ahead. the flu epidemic is overrunning the country. as the virus spreads [ female announcer ] now get high speed internet at home on our newly expanded advanced digital network, a connection you can count on. at&t u-verse high speed internet offers more speed options, reliability and wi-fi hotspots than ever. call at&t now to get u-verse high speed internet for as little as $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. it's the fastest internet for the price. our newly expanded advanced digital network gives you more of what you enjoy online. and with at&t, our wireless gateway turns your home into a private wi-fi hotspot that connects your wi-fi devices and can even save on your smart phone data usage at home. so call now to get at&t u-verse high speed internet for just $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. that includes access on-the-go
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super poligrip is zinc free. with just a few dabs, it's clinically proven to seal out more food particles so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat. a lot of things going on in my life and the last thing i want to be thinking about is my dentures. [ charlie ] try zinc free super poligrip. >> the government said this morning that the flu has reached epidemic porportions and causing 73 percent of all
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deaths last week. the california department said two flu deaths in the state. those are the latest numbers available. abc news reporter diana perez is live in new york city. we are hearing of flu vaccine shortages now. >> that's right. more bad news, but there is encouraging news coming out of the cvc for those overrun with patient's helps. cvc said according to the numbers. it looks like the worst hit areas are starting to peak. that means there could be a decrease in the number of flu cases there. >> every day a new enemy emerges. hospitals and clinics and doctor's offices are running low on vaccinine doses are distributed. >> we'll get 30 doses and that could be done in 20 minutes.
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>> pharmacs are having a hard time. nwe are getting tamiflu capsules. >> and doctors along with the patients are wearing masks to avoid getting sick. one doctor resorted to treating patients and no longer administering flu test. >> we make them feel better. 20 children are now dead. it is killing the healthiest of us. >> no chronic medical conditions and didn't take meditation and was a healthy 22 year old. hundreds of students are out sick in schools in the country. one oklahoma school forced to close after a quarter of the student body stayed home this week. and a highly contagious stomach virus is making its rounds in ers. >> if you were healthy before
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you had the flu, and doing well. don't rush to the doctor's office because you could pick up the noro virus. >> experts say this is still an uphill battle and the cvc said it is impossible if cases will go down nation wide. in new york. diana perez. abc 7 news. >> meteorologist mike has the forecast. >> some areas are colder. and another cold night tonight and possibly sunday. midlevel clouds, it is a fairly dry forecast. and i will up date you on the playoff game in candlesticks.
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>> we have developing news regarding lung cancer. the american cancer society recommends annual ct scans for older heavy smokers. the subject of the scans is extremely controversial today they released new guide lines aimed at smokers aged 55-74 and there is enough evidence to recommend the low dose ct scans that could cut the risk of dying. it is not covered by insurance. and 168,000 people die from
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lung cancer in the u.s. every year. official portrait of britain's kate middleton. it is panned by critics. it was unveiled in the national portrait gallery. the duke and duchess were on hand to look at the piece. artist paul insley spent seven months painting it the prince and kate praised it others say it is a rotten portrade and everybody is saying poor kate, she has to pretend she likes itine if she doesn't. >> it does look different. >> she is a beautiful woman. >> eye - beauty in the beholder. >> some like it cold.t( >> they like it cloudy.
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and we'll show you what is going o. we have clouds midlevel cloud try to -- it is evaporating and it is dry today. and maybe not as sunny as we hoped before. the winds calmed down considerably and back to the coast we still have issues with the pretty large waves we have east bay hills cam. and in the east bay valley. you can see the cloud level there above the 3800 foot point. there is nothing to have that. and here's a look at live doppler hd. you can see shooting in the clouds and seeing the limited moisture in there and nothing is going to reach the ground. off to the north this is it where it is coming from. radar returns are disapating as the dryer air makes its way in california. it is only 41 degrees right now in napa. warm spot is san jose and we had more sunshine.
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52, and inland cool spot 48 around monterey. i want to see you this. this is what i found in walden park in san francisco, a cherry tree that was blooming in january. confused? maybe. and beautiful absolutely. hopefully we'll enjoy it. we do have colder attaches on the way. colder than this morning. it will be partly sunny and cooler. record cold high temperatures but we'll keep an eye on it for you and let you know if that does happen. dry, i am going for the entire extended forecast. and we'll talk about what is it going on now. we are deep in the cold air mass that is getting dryer by the moment. and because it is getting dryer . winds are going to come and that means frost ahead of us again.
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and no real strong storps and a lot of moisture coming n. and it is going to be pretty mild and dry from here on out. >> we have had high tide and swelling of the bay and low spots. it will be stout winds on the coast and so watch out, it is it a beach hazard. and if you are heading to the game and out tail gating. it is clouds and sunshine and 48 in game time and dropping down in the mid40s by the time the game is over. and if you are heading up to the sierra, there is itçófá snow ñ de fresh powder it will be mostly sunny on saturday and partly sunny on saturday. 29 for a high and below zero for lows tomorrow morning. for today, 49 in livermore. and should be around 50 degrees. we'll have more 20s tonight. we have a freeze warning for the north bay, east bay and
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santa clara values. it is it a frost advisory in the shore line and temperatures dropped down to near 32 degrees. tonight the pipes will be fine. it will be near 50 through sunday and upper 50s and 60s in the latter part of next week. city college students are protesting in the spring semester. and 700 students and others are participating. they are trying to call tex about the off setting of budget cuts. they plan to use it for other purposes and voicing their opposition. >> 49er's fever is infecting a lot of people. and that includes the greeters in the tollplasa. they are breaking out the team
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gear for tomorrow in the playoff game in candlestick. and welp want to see it, too. you can e-mail your niner's fan photos and send your photoat abc we'll post them on the air. >> it works. still ahead. mike will be back with friday's perfe
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>> coming up today. a woman goes an entire year without doing hair and headache up and going au-natural. tomorrow is the miss america pageant and one of the contestants is making history. on abc sennews at five. facebook may have found a way to guarantee your message gets to your friend and not the spam box. it will cost you. >> right now, it is time for friday's perfect pet. >> here's mike. >> and that's great. >> hello, kerry. how about peaches. >> man, if you are looking for young, old and female and male chi, had uaus. she gets along with other dogs and she's great with kids, she won't require that much exercise. she will want to go on a
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couple long walks and nothing too crazy. >> she likes football and sit on my watch and watch football? >> she likes the niners. >> if you would like to learn more about peaches call 415-506-2225. >> back to you. >> mike, thank you so much. >> the packers have a mascot like that? i don't think stow . >> she could be a niners mascot. for all of us here in abc 7 news, thank you for joiningugs. [ female announcer ] this is a special message from at&t. [ male announcer ] it's no secret that the price of things just keeps going up. [ female announcer ] but we have some good news. it's our bundle price promise. [ male announcer ] a price you can definitely count on, for two whole years. from at&t. [ female announcer ] a great price for a great triple-play bundle. [ male announcer ] call now. bundles with u-verse tv, internet and home phone start at $89 a month. now get the same great price
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